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Aug. 28, 09

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Well, here it is.
Right after high school I had an idea what I wanted to do for life, and my ambitions have grown ever since… slightly shifting, but becoming more defined, and yet, more complicated — complicated in the sense that there are various directions towards achieving my goal. However, I take feasible steps one at a time. Wish me Godspeed.

Better yet, talk to me.


Jun. 2010

Began work as a multi-position crew member on a Nigerian-Canadian film, 'Missing Link'. Placement was also sponsored by the NATP. This is another MAJOR step towards my dreams, i.e a Nigerian-Canadian collaboration in moviemaking.

Apr. 2010

Began work on the production set of 'Below Zero'. It was my first of a couple of things: first successful placement under sponsorship of the NATP and first time working in a feature film.

Jun. 2009
  • Became one of the five recipients of the annual National Apprenticeship Training Program hosted by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television. Click for more ».
  • Acquired a BCS degree with a Film Studies minor from the U of C
Dec. 2008

Completed the University of Calgary's requirements for a Bachelors degree in Communications Studies.

Jun. 2006

Experienced client networking and sales tactics as a Sales Representative for Vector Marketing.

Apr. 2006
  • Acquired a diploma in New Media Production & Design from SAIT Polytechnic.
  • Launched FTFdesigns.com (however, the FTF name was always used since the late 90s).


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